Kognetics Solutions for Investment Banks​

Surgical and proactive intelligence to drive your strategic moves
Our solution brings real time insights and decision analytics to your strategy and execution

Value Proposition for Enterprise

Jan 01

Stay Ahead of Market and Competition

  • Access granular market maps
  • Comprehensive view of your ecosystem: companies, investors, influencers
  • Predict emerging industry trends and competitor moves
  • Monitor in real-time macro-economics, emerging markets, industries, companies, influencers and investments
Feb 01

Identify Targeted Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances

  • Strategic gap analysis and competitor benchmarking
  • Identify assets to complement your portfolio
  • Capture ecosystem events as they occur: M&A, financing, executive movements, product and innovation, growth & risk triggers
Mar 01

Turbo-charge Sales Intelligence

  • Anticipate your customer needs, timing, product fit & risks
  • Real time deal triggers and customer signals
  • Social fast paths to customers
Apr 01

Create Innovation and Product Roadmaps

  • Understand market and technology shifts that impact your portfolio
  • Granularly benchmark your products capabilities with competitors
  • Identify critical capabilities to fuel product roadmaps

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