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Funding predictions for Self Learning industry in 2019

In our previous article, Edtech: crossing $100 billion soon, Our AI Platform – Kognetics  predicted Self Learning to be the most attractive industry in EdTech.

It’s the most sought after industry in the Education Technology sector. Self Learning industry in 2019 opens with a whopping  $255 Millions funding. Further on, the demand for personalized learning (from K-12 to professionals), and a lucrative consumer market are making way for growth of Self Learning in the eLearning space. Self Learning platforms and tools enable students and professionals to directly access education material and resources online without the need of an institution (like school, college, company, etc) catering to the growing consumer market.

Kognetics tracks 1832 companies in 21 segments in Self Learning for Industry trend analysis

Below is how this industry is organized.

Sub Industries in Self Learning

Funding in Self Learning

Self Learning had a great year in 2018 by raising more than $6.5 Billion in transactions, with 3 major deals above $250 Million. India’s largest EdTech company  Byju’s, an Indian EdTech startup with Online Test Preparation and K-12 Learning Platform bagged the gold with $540 MillionsVIPKID, a Chinese Language Learning company raised $500 Millions and  Zhihu, Online Leaning Community raised $270 Millions. And we just started 2019 with $255 Millions investment for DaDa.

Self Learning Industry Predictions 2019

Kognetics predicts top self learning segments that will see high funding in 2019

Predictions for Self Learning Segments that will see high funding in 2019

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and Education Search Engine will see a growth spurt in funding in 2019 since the current funding momentum is not so high but these segments are predicted to see high funding soon.

Academic & Business Reskilling Platform, Online Test Preparation, Creative Training Platform, Language Learning Platforms, Online Learning Communities, Technology Learning Platform, Online Tutoring will continue to see high funding in 2019. With high current funding momentum and a very high predicted funding likelihood majority deals will happen in these segments. Among these Technology Learning platforms and Online Tutoring will see peak funding in 2019 since the industry maturity of these segments is adolescent which beyond early adoption. Online Tutoring uses the marketplace business model making it extremely lucrative for profit making, as it brings together the provider (tutors) and consumers (students). Technology Learning Platforms allow EdTech companies to create a course once and capitalize on it through a young attractive consumer base that is looking to up-skill in Technology.

Attractive Self Learning companies to target in 2019

Our AI platform for M&A, Investments & Strategy, tracks a number of company signals from a variety of structured and unstructured sources to identify these growth companies.

Growth Companies in Self Learning to see very high funding

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